Heaven’s Kitchen

The nicest things in the world are curdled at the moment she immerses herself in the recipe. As someone has come into her lonely world, all the rules are inverted.


3D Figure: No
Background: No
Interactions: Yes!
Ex. Touching: No.


U-shaped Clip * 200

Equals to around 1 USD.
With 100 at the cost of 10 Stylish Clip and 100 from Birthday event.

About Grainne Draser

A tolerant, gentle, and caring elder-sister-like girl. Desires to be wanted and loved because of family issues in her youth.
Good at housekeeping and taking care of others. Enjoys cooking, and treats the kitchen as her lair. Dislikes people that waste food.
Once part of the bio-weapons unit of the Allied Army.
Now a combat medic for Squad 08.
Has a clear grasp of the health conditions of all the Squad 08 members.

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