Great Expectations

She might not be mature enough for now, but someday she will reach her ideal self. By that time, she will have a smile on her face when we are talking about the story books we’ve read.


3D Figure: No
Background: No
Interactions: Yes!
Ex. Touching: No.


U-shaped Clip * 200

Equals to around 1 USD.
With 100 at the cost of 10 Stylish Clip and 100 from Birthday event.

About Rococo

The daughter of R.o.S.E.’s chairman. A true “Miss” and a princess.
Despises weaponry, but talented at using them. Highly tsundere.
Usually cheery, outgoing, and hardworking to most others, but becomes spicy and overbearing for her close ones.
Grew up pressured by high expectations. When she is truly angry or embarrassed, she would keep a blank expression in response.
Tried to limit her sugar intake for her dental health, but has failed miserably.

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