Basic Info

Acquired By: Standard Supply
First Released: Innovative Fairy Tale
Rarity: ★★★★ (Ultra Rare)
Sniper RifleSniper Rifle
Position: Assault

Tactical Numbers

HP: 432~1356ATK: 106~333
DEF: 54~170Shield: 220~689

Tactical numbers would slightly increase each time you Enhance this character card. Learn more…

About Eksistere Kyrenia

A blob of cuteness that is rotten to the core when it comes to playing pranks. Highly intelligent. A giant video game nerd.
Looks honest on the outside, but is conniving inside. Clever, and enjoys playing pranks on others.
A specialist at R.o.S.E. and also the technician of Squad 08. The most brainy one in the squad.
Still the cutest thing in the world when holding her doll.


(Team) Impact Boost*
Increases team Stagger damage by 8%.

*Only the skill with the highest level will take effect if there are multiple skills of same effect in team.

(Active) Wolf Hunter (CD:10)
Switch your weapon to a double-barreled shotgun, which fires 2 bullets at a time, each dealing 178.6% damage. Use the skill again to return to your original weapon.
LV.2 | Each bullet deals 184.1% damage.
LV.3 | Each bullet deals 189.6% damage.
LV.4 | Each bullet deals 200.6% damage.

(Passive) Hunting Prep
When your sniper rifle hits the target. You get 1 stack of Hunting Prep. Activates Hunter mode after 12 stacks of Hunt Prep.
LV.2 | Activates Hunter mode after 10 stacks of Hunting Prep.
LV.3 | Activates Hunter mode after 8 stacks of Hunting Prep.
LV.4 | Activates Hunter mode after 6 stacks of Hunting Prep.

(Passive) Vengeful Hunt
When you switch to double-barreled shotgun in Hunter mode, your basic attack speed is increased by 14.9% and Stagger damage is increased by 37.2%. Lasts 10s.
LV.2 | Increases basic attack speed by 16.5%.
LV.3 | Increases basic attack speed by 21.5%.
LV.4 | Stagger damage is increased by 53.7%.

(Passive) Blind Res
Reduces your chance of being Blinded by 60%
LV.2 | Reduces your chance of being Blinded by 75%
LV.3 | Reduces your chance of being Blinded by 90%
LV.4 | Reduces your chance of being Blinded by 100%

* Awakening can level-up skills of the charactor card. Learn more…

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