Basic Info

Acquired By: Standard Supply
First Released: The Plague of Hoddle
Rarity: ★★★ (Super Rare)
Position: Firepower
Rating: ★ (Not Tiered)
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Tactical Numbers

HP: 424~1327ATK: 114~355
DEF: 53~166Shield: 212~664

Tactical numbers would slightly increase each time you Enhance this character card. Learn more…


(Team) Tactical Boost*
Increases skill damage by 5%.

*Only the skill with the highest level will take effect if there are multiple skills of same effect in team.

(Active) Wailing Wall (CD: 24)
Creates an Ionus vortex, dealing 93.6% damage to the nearby enemies who get pulled to it every 0.5s, and causing Freeze to them for 1s. The vortex lasts 2s and will turn into Ionus barriers, dealing 349.2% damage to the enemies who get trapped inside and freezing them for 3s.
LV.2 | Increases pulling damage to 104%.
LV.3 | Increases pulling damage to 114.4%.
LV.4 | Increases pulling damage to 135.2%.

(Passive) Pomegranate Seeds
When a team member Freezes a target, deals 30.1% extra damage to the target.
LV.2 | Increases the damage to 33.5%.
LV.3 | Increases the damage to 36.8%.
LV.4 | Increases the damage to 43.5%.

(Passive) Mentha’s Soil
When a team member kills a Frozen target, the skill cooldown of Wailing Wall is reduced by 0.3s.
LV.2 | Reduces your skill cooldown by 0.35s.
LV.3 | Reduces your skill cooldown by 0.4s.
LV.4 | Reduces your skill cooldown by 0.5s..

(Passive) Burn Res
Reduces your chance of being Burned by 30%.
LV.2 | Reduces your chance of being Burned by 40%.
LV.3 | Reduces your chance of being Burned by 50%.
LV.4 | Reduces your chance of being Burned by 60%.

* Awakening can level-up skills of the character card. Learn more…

Defiler – Grainne

About Grainne Draser

A tolerant, gentle, and caring elder-sister-like girl. Desires to be wanted and loved because of family issues in her youth.
Good at housekeeping and taking care of others. Enjoys cooking, and treats the kitchen as her lair. Dislikes people that waste food.
Once part of the bio-weapons unit of the Allied Army.
Now a combat medic for Squad 08.
Has a clear grasp of the health conditions of all the Squad 08 members.

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